Friday, December 9, 2011

Mind and Bodily Functions

Tis the season to overindulge in large meals, holiday parties, and other social gatherings. OK, so maybe it’s not that much more over-the-top than the rest of the year (for some of us), but it usually ratchets up the conversations and worries about diets and exercise. Sadly, many people are in a perennial battle over their concerns about calories, healthy eating, and exercise. And although these are very real issues for a lot of people, I think we lose sight of the fact that a healthy mind is certainly a crucial factor in having a healthy body. I would suggest that we can better manage our self-control and our motivations by examining the different aspects of our life that shape our habits. Are you doing work that fulfills you or are you constantly stressed out at your job? Do you have warm, loving relationships with your family and friends or are there too many toxic relationships in your life? Are you pursuing your passions or are you too busy to make time to enjoy your favorite hobbies? I think people should examine the areas of their life that are unfulfilling or stifled and do something to make changes. If you put a good amount of focus on keeping your mind and emotions healthy, that’s a big step toward better physical health.

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